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The Birth Story of Ezra Kai

Your birth my sweet Ezra was a fun one.  When it was all over my midwife Cindi teased me it was more of a tea party than a labor.  I knew you were coming early.  I trusted God when He told me you would be coming early but you would be ok.  Your estimated date was January 26, 2012 but your birthday was December 30, 2011.  I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks.  This was most likely from carrying around your 2 year old sister Naomi and 15 month old brother Quinn and wearing your “twin” older by 4 months sister Phoebe around all day.  I was a very busy mama while you were growing inside of me and you my little one were anxious to come out and join the family.   I had my home visit with our birth team on December 28th.  My incredible midwife Cindi was here for your brother Quinn’s birth too.  We had so much fun talking about his birth and guessing when you would arrive and estimating how much you might weigh.  We also wondered if you might be a red head like your big brothers Zane and Quinn.  The visit was very relaxed since we had just had Quinn’s homebirth 15 months earlier.  We thought we knew what to expect for your impending birth.  It felt like fun girl time with Daddy as an added bonus.  I thought you might even come that night!  Cindi thought the same thing and Daddy just trusted you would come when you were ready.  He was not too sure he was ready.  I think you did not come that night because you and I both knew Daddy was not quite ready.  I did have some contractions that did not hurt but were stronger than my normal Braxton Hicks.  I was awake most of the night because I was so very excited to meet you!  I woke Daddy up and we cuddled and talked for a couple of hours and then fell back asleep.  I had checked before I went back to bed and I felt like I was about 6-7 cm dilated.  The next day Daddy told me he was ready for you to come so I was sure you would arrive that night.  I spent most of the day playing outside with your brothers and sisters.  I went to bed early and at about 2:00 in the morning I was having those stronger contractions again but they still did not hurt.  I went in and out of sleep for a couple of hours then decided to get up and take a warm bath.  I climbed in and talked to you.  I told you how happy I was that I get to be your mommy, how very much I love you and that you could join us whenever you wanted to come.  I went back to bed and slept for a couple of hours.  I called my midwife Cindi when I woke up and told her I was awake most of the night for the second night in a row and that I was getting very tired.  I also told her I had checked myself and that I could feel the top of your head and I thought I was about 7 cm dilated.  She was concerned that I was going to get worn out if I had another sleepless night so we made a plan for her and the birth team to come in the afternoon when Naomi, Quinn and Phoebe were napping.  I called my friend Wendy because she and her daughter Olivia were going to come over and help Pops take care of all our little kids when they woke up.  Pops and Bunny had come for Christmas and stayed to be here for your birth.  Bunny was with me for Zane and Quinn’s births too.  Pops had taught Zane to ride a bike the morning you were born!  First my doula Sabrina arrived and helped me get a snack and took some pictures of our family while we still had just 4 kids here.  Cindi my midwife and her birth assistants Jessie and Shay arrived just as I was trying to get Phoebe to sleep for her nap.  She was crying which was not at all like her to do but I think she knew you were coming soon and she could sense my feelings.  Naomi and Quinn were fast asleep so Pops decided to put Phoebe in the baby carrier and go for a walk.  After I knew they were all ok I could concentrate on you.  I begged Cindi to check me and when she did we found out I was 8 cm dilated.  We felt like the only thing preventing you from coming was my bag of water.  We thought it best to break my water so you could come and Mommy could have the energy to help you get here instead of getting worn down from a third sleepless night.  After she broke my water I sat on the birth ball while Daddy rubbed my shoulders.  My friend Libby made me some very strong red raspberry leaf tea and after I drank it I took a walk with Daddy around the block.  I still was not having contractions so we took a second lap with my friend Wendy while I inhaled clary sage on a washcloth.  I had a couple of strong tightenings but still nothing that hurt.  When we got back I sat in our bedroom with Daddy, Cindi, Jessie, Bunny, Zane, Sabrina, Libby and Wendy.  We talked about what your name should be and when Zane shouted “Ezra, Ezra!”  I got my first STRONG contraction!  Libby made me more tea and I started sharing the story of what happened to Quinn when he was just a week old.  The story made me cry.  My contractions started to hurt so I wanted to get in the bathtub.  I climbed in and then needed a trash can to throw up in.  After I threw up I felt so much better but decided I wanted out of the tub.  I came back into the bedroom and climbed up on my bed.  I had a few contractions on my side with Daddy holding my hand.  During this time I felt so very close to God.  I knew Wendy, Libby and Bunny were praying for me and for you.  Daddy whispered to me “There are angels in this room.”  He was right; I could feel God’s presence with us.  Cindi had me lean over the birth ball on top of the bed for a contraction but that made my hips hurt so bad I hated it!  Libby who is a missionary and has attended many births of women in the Wano tribe suggested that I stand up and hang onto Daddy for a few contractions.  I decided I would stand up but brace my arms on my mattress.  When I did this I told Cindi I felt like pushing but asked if it was time.  She said if I wanted to push then I should. I love how much she trusts the birth process.  She was at the ready if we needed her but she knew you and I were working well together to get you here.   I checked and I felt the top of your head and it felt like you had hair!  When the next contraction came I pushed but I got it all wrong which your Bunny a former labor and delivery nurse lovingly reminded me.   I decided to take her advice and push effectively with the next contraction.  It was so amazing to feel you coming down!  When the next contraction came I pushed with everything I had in me and you slid out of me and into your Daddy’s hands.  Cindi told me to reach down and take you but I needed a minute to breathe and I felt so shaky so Daddy and Cindi held onto you while I climbed up on our bed.  They put you on my chest and a few minutes later you latched yourself onto my breast.  That is where you are right now as I write your story my sweet 11 month old boy.  This seems to be your favorite spot in all the world.  This is where you have spent these past months growing from the 7 lbs 11 ounce and 21 inches long little squish into the 17 lbs and 29 inch baby you are today.  As you grow Ezra Kai so my love for you grows.  You are a joy and a delight to our family.  I am so pleased to be your mommy.

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