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The Birth Story of Asher

Wow, my little man! Your arrival definitely did not go as expected, and I wasn't even really expecting anything!  My contractions started Wednesday night, but we didn't realize that until after you we're born. I never felt a single contraction, I had hip pain instead that wouldn't let me lay down, sit, or stand. I didn't even make the connection that they came with contractions until I felt my belly harden one time, and I. Thought they were Braxton-Hicks.

Well, the contractions went away Thursday during the day, then came back that night again. They continued like that until Saturday night. They were so intense and continued all night long, and throughout the day Sunday as well. We went to my parent's house so I could soak in their tub to help with the pain, Cindi said it would be a long day and night, and to get as much rest as I could.

Sunday night went just like the others until about 12 midnight. I couldn't even lay down in bed my hips hurt so much, so I tried sitting in the recliner downstairs at my parent's house, but that didn't work either. Soon the hip pain became so intense and constant I couldn't stand it any more! I woke up my husband and told him that if this wasn't it, I wanted to go to the ER for pain meds. He called Cindi, and she suggested another bath first. So we did as she said, but Asher wasn't having it! After getting in the bath I started to have the urge to push!

Robert called Cindi again and she said to meet us at the brith center to check me. That was the most uncomfortable car ride of my life!! Every bump sent me into a contraction that had me up out of the seat in pain, but thankfully we got there in one piece.

Once we all got inside and settled Cindi checked me, and I was 9 cm!!! I was so relieved to know it was happening NOW! At this point my water still hadn't broken yet, but Cindi was t concerned about it. I started on the bed on an exercise ball, then went to the toilet, the tub, squatting on the floor, kneeling on the floor, and finally back on the bed on my side. Things just weren't progressing very well so Cindi decided to "help" me by showing me where to push. I screamed! But then we really got to business. To this point we'd been at the birth center for about 3 1/2 hours or so. Once I really started effectively pushing my water finally broke! Now we were getting somewhere. I ended up rolling onto my back for the final part, it was what hurt my hips the least and let me really concentrate on pushing, which felt so good.

Once Asher's head started crowning, I was able to push completely on my own in the right spot. I kept asking " how many more times do I have to push?" No one answered me.

Well! I finally pushed him out at 7:08 Monday morning, February 11, 2013. He was 8 lb 13 oz and 21 inches of beautiful!

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