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The Birth of Juno Rose

Juno Rose, The week before you were born I had come to terms with the fact that I may possibly be pregnant forever. I'd be an invited guest on the Dr. Oz show and become a spectacle for daytime television watchers around the nation. At least I would probably receive a lifetime supply of cocoa butter and prenatal vitamins. Then maybe I'd go on to have my own show on TLC along with other medical oddities such as Honey Boo Boo. Waddling around the earth incessently keeping track of my 80-100 grams of protein a day, I would never again be able to enjoy bleu cheese, sushi, or even beer. These notions had me teetering on the brink of insanity, and we hadn't even reached your due date yet. Luckily for us both, this was not our fate, and you were not destined to be my forever fetus. Fast forward to Monday, February 18, 2013 around 6 p.m.. I had just gotten home from my daily 2 mile walk when I started feeling menstrual cramp-like aches in my abdomen. Thinking nothing of the pain I went about my business and didn't mention anything to your dad when he came home from work. I noticed I was having two or so of these pains per hour, and this persisted through the night. The next morning I was still having these pains, so I told your dad before he went to work that I wasn't feeling quite right. He kissed my forhead, told me to get some rest, and headed off to work. These pains began coming closer and closer together. At this point, it wasn't anything too painful but they were very uncomfortable. Little did I know, these pains were actually early contractions. At around 1 p.m. I decided to call the birth center. I talked to Brittany, a birth assistant, and told her what was going on, mentioning that these "pains" were coming about every 10-15 minutes now and I was bleeding slightly. She used the word 'contractions,' but I was sure she was mistaken. I wasn't in labor; I was never going into labor, especially not before your due date. She assured me that this was normal and said she would let my midwife, Cindi, know what was going on. Your Granny Rose planned on making the trip down from Tennessee to watch you come into the world. I talked to her, and she had a suspicion that I may be in labor, but based on the mild amount of pain I was in, decided not to book a flight down for the night. Your daddy texted to check up on me and decided to come home early from work. I told him it wasn't necessary and that this was probably just a false alarm. He came home anyway around 1:30, and we decided to go on a walk around the neighborhood. On our mile and a half walk, I had four contractions. I was still not convinced that I was laboring, but we decided to get our bags ready to go just in case. Your dad went to the store to get some snacks around 3 p.m., and by the time he got back home, these contractions were coming every 5-7 minutes and starting to require my attention. I ate a popsicle and decided to chill out on the couch. Pretty soon I was writhing in pain and made my way to the bedroom. At around 5 p.m. I texted Cindi in between contractoins to tell her that my contractions were coming closer together and becoming more intense. I remember her calm reply of "sounds great" and thinking that surely, she doesn't understand the severity of this situation; how can she be so calm at a time like this! About five minutes later after one of the most intense contractions yet, I felt what was like a giant bubble pop, and a rush of fluid poured from me. I jumped out of bed and screamed, "Something just came out! Something just came out!" Your dad couldn't contain his laughter and excitedly said, "Your water just broke!" I rushed to the bathroom and your dad called Cindi. She told us to keep doing what we're doing since I would be more comfortable at home. I got into the bathtub trying to get more comfortable. The warm water helped with the pain, but it soon became more and more overwhelming. I had this immense urge to push. Knowing for sure that it was too early to do so, I tried to stop my body from pushing, and I made your dad call Cindi again. She assured us that all was good and normal and told us to head to the birth center in about an hour. It was about that time that your dad reminded me that we had hired Nicole, the photographer, and that we should probably call her so she could head over and snap a few shot of me laboring. I then informed your dad that I no longer cared about the photos and if anyone tried to take a picture of me at that moment, I would destroy the camera and possibly their face. Daddy got me in the car in between contractions and we embarked on the worst car ride of my life. We sped to the birth center, arriving there at 6:50 p.m. Cindi met us in the parking lot and helped me inside. Once she got me inside, I asked if she needed to check my cervix to see if I should be pushing. She looked up at me and said with a smile, "You're crowning." Then she quickly got your dad and I in the tub as she and the birth assistants stood back and let my body do its thing. I was surprisingly calm and centered inside once in the tub knowing it wouldn't be too long before we would get to welcome you to planet earth. Your dad was a huge comfort as well, whispering into my ear and telling me how well I was doing and supporting me physically as I leaned against him. I pushed with all my might during each contraction and pretty soon your head was all the way out. Knowing the hardest part was over, I took a short mental and physical pause as Cindi reached down and unwrapped the umbilical cord from around your neck. With the next push, your dad and I reached down and caught you. Your tiny body emerged from the water, plopped onto my chest, and at 7:25 p.m. you became a citizen of the planet. The next four hours are a blur of elation, bliss, and pure love as we gazed at your perfect little self remembering how 9 months ago you were just a suspicion when I vomited on the Mission: SPACE ride at Disney World.And that, Junebug, is how you came to be.We're so glad you're here, and we're glad you were able to be brought into the world in a peacful environment surrounded by a birth team who truly care.

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