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The Birth of Athena

After experiencing false labor for 18 hours the weekend before and walking as much as I could for the last few weeks I was skeptical when contractions picked up, even though Cindi had checked me that morning (12/19) and said it wouldn't be too much longer. When the contractions picked up I thought they would stop again so I let my husband (Justin) sleep and went to take a bath (this was around 5:30 or 6). I read on my phone as I soaked in the bath but the pain was increasing and very difficult to ignore, at 7 I could not stand staying still anymore and had to get my husband to help me out of the tub. We had no idea what part of labor we were in, but he did a great job of helping me remember things we could do, and he helped me do the abdominal lift during contractions. At first things seemed okay, but I could not stand lying down or sitting during contractions, I felt the need to pace or be on my knees with my body draped on my birth ball. I also began feeling very nauseous and ended up throwing up four times between 7 and 10pm. Shortly after ten I told my husband that the contractions were getting really bad and I felt a lot of pressure down there. He had been texting Cindi for me and let her know, and she said that we could head to GBO when we were ready. Even after everything that night it still surprised us that it was really time to meet our little girl, but we quickly shook off the shock and excitement and Justin gathered our stuff while I took what seemed like forever getting down the stairs and dreading an hour and a half car ride to GBO. We got in the car and were about to reach the entrance to the interstate, where we would still have about an hour drive when my water broke. Justin asked me if I was sure, I was just glad it had broken because while pain was still there it felt a lot more productive now and I knew this was for sure the real deal. Justin drove as fast and safely as possible, with both of us worrying at different times that the baby might come in the car. I just remember being quiet and just waiting to get there, and griping the peppermint essential oil bottle in my hand that I was still holding onto in case the nausea returned. Looking back now the drive wasn't that bad, I had thought the pain would make it unbearable but for the most part I was just very focused on what my body was doing. Justin had sent Cindi a "Glympse" so she was actually follow where we were in the car and how long it would be until we arrived. We got to GBO at 11:46 after I had cursed every red light we hit. We were greeted as soon as we got there and Cindi waited for a contraction to end before bringing me inside. Since I was already at the pushing stage I quickly got to the bed in the birthing suite and besides working on getting the baby out the only thing that crossed my mind was if it had turned 12 yet, making it the baby's official due date or if she would be born in the last moments of the 19th. After some time pushing, with everyone encouraging me and Justin letting me know he could see the baby's hair and letting me know she was almost there, Athena was born at 12:13 midnight on 12/20! I could not believe it when she was out, I felt so happy and realized and excited that our baby was finally here! I tried to catch my breath and figure out how to hold the wiggling creature that was my daughter. When I think back I still can't believe I was able to do it, and I know it was the support of Justin, Cindi and the birth center staff that allowed me to be able to focus and relax without letting the pain scare me and cause problems. Athena is amazing and Justin and I are so in love with her. I love sharing our story with others, and will be praising GBO whenever I get a chance. I also love it when sharing our story how my husband always says how proud he is of me, I feel like everything happened perfectly and the way it was meant to. I was always remember it as the day we became a family. We just want to say a big thank-you to Cindi and everyone at GBO, not only was our birth what we wanted but we also have received great post-natal care and I feel confident about breastfeeding thanks to our experience with GBO.

Miss "Athena Jade"

born 12/20/14 @ 0013 

7lb 9oz and 21 in. long.

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