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  • Cindi Denbow

Birth Story of Hazel Mae by Photographer

Oh the beauty. The love, support, the grace, the calmness. Encouragement. Strength. This family had it all. A beautiful home birth of their second daughter. 8:30am on February 1st I got the text from the midwife to go now. GULP! This must mean things are happening fast! I sprinted out the door as fast as I could and drove (a little too fast) and made it with mom 10, complete, bulging bag, ready to push her baby out. She labored with such grace, a wicked calmness unlike I've ever seen before, especially how close she was to meeting her baby. She got in the birth pool shortly after my arrival and I witness her husbands support. He knew she could do this. He was constantly touching her, gently, a simple way of reminding her he was there, always. She bared down and birthed her baby's head. Advised by the midwife she calmly stepped out of the water to sit on the ground for a little help. Her daughter was Earthside, and they were elated. "We did it" she said. It was beautiful. She was a birth goddess! Welcome, sweet Hazel.

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